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Jeff, rough and aged like fine wine, sits at his dining table. He is here every morning. He is clockwork--he is 55 and works at a mechanic shop a couple miles from his home. Wearing the same outfit everyday: a damp navy overcoat and some mix of dirty flannel with denim.


AB, stutters awake, with drool slipping from their lips.


BO, a trans girl with gaunt features surrounded in a gas station aisle unscrewing a pint of alcohol and she pounds it to the back of her throat.


CHERYL, a southern wife with the heart of a New Yorker, a mom destined for greatness. She pours milk into a bowl of Cheerios. She is adorned in a milk colored robe, with hair ties attached to every strand of hair. She is 56 years old, she is beautiful.

I Do This For A Living Test Footage 2021-high (9).gif
Sid is sweating buckets, he uses both hands to wipe back his long hair, while getting some grease on his face. There is a pack of Marlboro Red 100's that he pulls from the breast pocket of his work shirt. He puts one in his mouth and lights it.
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